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The April issue of the CGU Zine is now available! View it online, download a copy, and look for hard copies next week on campus in your department.

Also, make sure to check out this month’s additional online content:


LINKED | Earth Day 2010: A Good Excuse to Do Something Green

In the April Zine,  SPE PhD student Nicholas L. Cain shared tips on how to be more green. He’s provided the Zine Online with some awesome links so we can learn more about the issues he discusses and look into some of his suggestions for greener living.

To learn more about the global water crisis and sales and consumption of bottled water:

After reading that, you’ll probably find yourself on the market for an eco-friendly, BPA-free, plastic water bottle:

To get to an REI from Claremont, you might first see how you can get there by public transportation:  But, as Nicholas points out in his article, this is southern California, so you’ll most likely have to drive. Visit to get a digital tire gauge so you can make sure you’re maximizing your MPG.

You can also check out to learn more gas mileage tips.

And finally,  after your excursion, you can sit down and figure out your carbon footprint here:

Tweet yourself to the Pedant’s Twitter Page

We spent a while perusing the Pedant‘s Twitter page and found it to be both informative and entertaining. Do yourself a favor and check it out here – you’ll find tweets about Claremont announcements, recommendations (or warnings) about daily specials at campus eateries, links to education and scholarship news, and general, witty, philosophical insights.

Some of our favorites:

  • Newsweek: How the Economy is Killing the Liberal Arts via HootSuite (11:00 AM Apr 5th)
  • Hagelbarger’s fries: pretty darn good for 1.92. Still, I don’t get how they’re half the price of a cup of watermelon? (1:25 PM Feb 24th)
  • Rather than become a member, and have them send you three e-mails a day, follow “scholarshipscom” on twitter for scholarship info, news, etc. (12:00 PM Jan 7th)
  • thinks Claremont is an eerily quiet place without students. If a tray of Hagelbargers’ “crab tostadas” is dropped, does it make a sound? (11:37 AM Jan 6th)

LINKED | Film Review: House

Now that you’ve read Mike Petitti’s review of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s horror/comedy/fantasy film, House, check out the trailer and see the flying severed heads, scary pianos, and evil-eyed feline for yourself:

LINKED | Student Spotlight: Kyra Saegusa

This month, the Zine profiled Cultural Studies student Kyra Saegusa.

In her interview with Zine staff writer Gail Taylor, Kyra mentioned her mentor Mel Chin, creator of the Fundred Dollar Bill Project, a community-based artwork project that engages school-age children across the nation. Read more about it at

Kyra also described some of the projects that she’s involved with through her internships. Right now, Kyra is interning at LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and helping with the show EATLACMA. She is also working on a collaborative piece with the musical group Ensemble Gallilei in collaboration with the MET Museum of Art on the upcoming show, “First Person: Seeing America.”

LINKED | CGU Fitness Challenge

Seven years ago, fitness expert Christopher Krueger designed the program we know around these parts as the CGU Fitness Challenge. With Christopher’s help, Fiona Grant, a PhD student in Applied Social Psychology, brings this 10-week exercise and nutritional guide to true health and fitness to the CGU community for the second time. As the Zine celebrates healthy living in April, Christopher and Fiona share why every CGU student should take the Fitness Challenge.

Tell us a little about yourself and the CGU Fitness Challenge. How did you become involved in its organization?

Christopher: I started Transformation Super Challenge (TSC) seven years ago to help two friends of mine get in shape. They had both been overweight their entire lives and were sick and tired of being fat and having low self-esteem. I shared my training and nutrition principles with them and after just a few months of training they had transformed their bodies. From there TSC continued to grow, when you can help a person burn 50-100 lbs of fat in just a few months you get plenty of referrals.

Fiona: I am currently a PhD student in Applied Social Psychology and one of my research interests is to better understand how to motivate individuals to engage in physical activity. I also love having fun! I started the Fitness challenge and soon all my friends wanted to do it. I then decided to share it with the CGU community.

Have you taken part in the challenge before? What is your most positive experience?

Christopher: It’s always a positive experience. I’ve taken part in numerous challenges, usually setting them up for people that are ready to make a change. It’s so great to give people a little coaching and guidance and see them realize how much potential they really have.

Fiona: I am taking part for the second time in the Fitness challenge and I really love it! It’s been a positive experience all around but I get really excited about the progress I make every week. I can run much faster now!

Why should every CGU student take the Fitness challenge?

Christopher: The benefits of transforming your body will change your life. At TSC we cut through all the baloney and tell you what actually works. The workouts that I recommend are the same workouts that I use. It’s all about being as efficient and effective as possible and seeing the results you want.  So much over our present day consumer culture is bogus. A soft drink company advertises “Open Happiness,” actually they want you to open fizzy water laced with high fructose corn syrup. The challenge is about helping you achieve the feeling you want, i.e., happiness or fulfillment, by focusing on actual achievement.

Fiona: I believe the Fitness Challenge is really well suited to a graduate student lifestyle. First, it fits perfectly with a busy schedule as most workout take approximately 30 to 40 minutes per session. Second, it is easy to follow and you will be doing the best exercises to be in great shape.

If you were to give one (only one) fitness tip to students, what would it be?

Christopher: It would be follow my entire program. Giving “one piece of advice” is a cop-out; the reason TSC works so well is because it’s a comprehensive program. It’s all the pieces of the puzzle. Or, another metaphor I like to use is that the TSC program is like a treasure map. You have to follow all the steps to uncover the reward – the heart of the champion that lies within you – so if I just gave you one section of the map, you’d be just as lost as if I gave you no map at all.

Fiona: Listen to Chris. He’s the best fitness expert. The fitness program he designed will make you feel fantastic and you’ll be in great shape.

What are your fitness related plans for the future?

Christopher: This summer I’d like to…

1. Enter three 5k races and run sub 20:00 in all of them (I have my eye on the Sound to Narrows 5K in my hometown as my first race). ***NOTE: Do not decide to run a marathon, you will go on the worst yo-yo diet of your life, you will ruin your metabolism, and you will hate running. Instead, enter 5Ks and aim to run faster in every race.

2. Climb a Mountain – hopefully Mt. Rainier this summer – with some of my best friends.

3. Erg 2k in sub 6:00 (an erg is a type of rowing machine).

4. Walk 26.2 Miles without stopping. Humans are designed to walk long distances, not to run them. I’d like to try walking a marathon.

Fiona: I have three fitness plans. First, I would like to run three miles in 21 minutes. Second, I have to do seven pull-ups (this may take a while but… no pain no gain!).  And third, during the summer, I will also walk 26 miles without stopping.

To get involved with the CGU Fitness Challenge, send an email to:

EDIT. Match a name to a face by watching this video of Chris Krueger hiking Runyon Canyon with Andy Dick. (Thanks to our friends at The Pedant for the tip!)

Oh, and while we’re on a Twitter high, head over to Chris Krueger’s Twitter Page.

SERVICE | Relay For Life

The GSC is proud to be a contributor to this year’s Relay for Life by the American Cancer Society. Ryan Merlin has set up a team for everyone who is interested to join and participate including all CGU students, friends, and family. In this 24-hour relay, the idea is to have someone from the team always walking around the track, so the more the merrier! We can have up to 30 people on a team, which makes it a fun event to come and participate, hang out, eat some good food, and make a difference.


Friday, April 30, 12pm – Saturday, May 1, 12pm

CMS Stadium, Claremont


Click here to sign up for the team, or click here to donate.